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Geri Habstritt

Avesa Quantum Healer & Medical Intuitive
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Meet Geri Habstritt

Avesa Quantum Healer, Medical Intuitive & Self Ascension Intuitive Counselor

I've been an Avesa Quantum Healer for 10 years and an energy healer for much longer.  As a child, I innately knew why people were sick and used to practice running energy through my body to self heal.  When I was 34 I had a week long dream or (awakening) where I was shown I could heal with my hands in person and from a distance.  I was also shown it would take absolute confidence and trust in myself in order for this to be realized.  Since then I've been on a path of discovery, self healing and realization that has literally taken me around the world to first learn healing touch through Healing Touch International and finally master Avesa Quantum Healing techniques through Avesa Quantum healing.  I've learned from the Maya in Guatemala, joined in ceremony and healing with Buddhist monks in Thailand and Hindu Priests in India. My intention is to assist all those who are ready to heal the past, expand and lift into a new state of consciousness and experience a new reality.  I offer workshops, private spiritual gatherings in the comfort of your home and healing sessions in Boise, ID or online.


"Geri's work helped me open my life to more love, support, joy, abundance & creativity" ~ Shylan

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What is Self - Ascension?

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                                                  Avesa Quantum Healing expands                                                     the cutting edge of spiritual                                                                healing.  It opens an inter-                                                                  dimensional portal where energy                                                       and intention flow FAR more                                                            powerfully than in the physical                                                          dimension thus healing, balance                                                        & clarity are achieved very quickly.


“Ave” means “Hail to the Divine”.  “Sa” is the expression of “Infinite Consciousness”— the limitless love of the Divine. Together, "Ave" plus "Sa" means Hail to the Impersonal Infinity, the return of your Divine empowerment. 


Avesa Quantum Healing offers alignment with one’s authentic soul energy.  It creates a sacred space in which your own creative energy is accelerated to replace stagnant energies that no longer serve thus creating space for consciously created, life-enhancing choices.  More on Avesa Quantum Healing 

Traditionally the human chakras rotate in an orbital fashion.  As we claim ascended energy into our lives, we lift into the ascended state and our chakras ascend with us transforming from an orbital energy to an infinity flow of balanced energy.  All of the Avesa Quantum Healing modalities will assist you to align with your true authentic sole energy.  Peace, love & joy are your birthright.  More on Self-Ascension
Self-Ascension is the re-alignment of your identity from the personality-self (ego) to the Divine-Self (Soul), which is your true authentic self.  Your truth is peace, love, joy & freedom.  Once this re-alignment ignites, your life experience shifts in ways that defy the mind as your ego is no longer leading your life experience.


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Our bodies are made up of 7 major chakras or energy centers.  These chakras correlate to specific organs and emotions.  When all the chakras are clear and in balance, we experience peace, love and joy as our natural state of being and for the most part are free from physical discomforts and dis-ease.  But do to a lifetime of dogma and belief systems that don't feel in alignment with our truth, a toxic lifestyle and un-healed emotional energy; the chakras become clogged and congested and effect the health of our physical body and our emotional well being. If this congested energy remains in the body un-healed (usually in the form of anger, pain, sadness, fear, judgment, un-forgiveness or doubt), we will find ourselves in repetitive cycles of experiencing these unresolved emotional energies and they may eventually manifest a physical dis-ease.

​As an Avesa Quantum Healer and Medical Intuitive, I can detect these congestions and through a variety of quantum spiritual and emotional healing techniques can assist you to release these energies so you are free to live a life of harmony.  This can be done in person or online.

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